At Inhlakanipho Consultants, all employees are treated as valuable assets to the company whose talents are appreciated. We create a good work environment in which employees are empowered to do their job without intrusion. They are given the right skills, vital information, required resources and authority to do their jobs independently at the same time making them responsible and accountable for the outcomes of the task performed. We have achieved this by:

  • Sharing our vision - making sure that each employee knows Inhlakanipho Consultant's overall mission, vision and the strategic plans in place

  • Sharing the goals and objectives of the specific task that the employee is supposed to carry out and making sure that he has understood your overall expectations of the outcome of the whole project. Once the employee has understood our expected results he is left to plan determine how to carry out the assignment on his own without our close supervision

  • Making sure that employees have access to all the information they need to carry out their duties on a certain project to enable them make thoughtful and informed decisions

  • Delegating to our employees some of the important meetings, that influence decision making, and some of the projects so that the employee grows and develops new skills
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